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Tasmania's north-west coast is one of the state's most prosperous farming areas and a popular tourist destination. The rich, volcanic soil is ideal for the major agricultural activities - vegetable growing (notably potatoes), prime beef and dairy cattle. The major regional centres are Devonport and Burnie.

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Some tourist attractions along the coast naturally reflect the agricultural base, including the tulip farm at Table Cape near Wynyard, Tasmanian Honey near Mole Creek, and various specialty cheese factories.

The north-west certainly isn't without its share of natural attractions. Boat Harbour Beach is popular with surfers, and the Nut at Stanley, a distinctive geological feature, is a popular stop for tourists.

Further inland are the the King Solomon and Marakoopa Caves near Mole Creek, wildlife parks and wilderness areas such as Devil's Gullet and Dip Falls at Mawbanna.


In addition to agricultural pursuits, much of the mineral wealth of the west coast passes through north-west cities en route to other destinations. Processing of timber products from local forests takes place in Burnie. Devonport is the home port of the Spirit of Tasmania ferry, which provides service between Tasmania and the mainland. Indeed, the ports of Devonport and particularly Burnie contribute greatly to the area's economy.


The north-west coast has two airports (Devonport and Burnie) with flights to and from mainland Australia, and the Spirit of Tasmania generally makes six Bass Strait crossings per week. The Bass Highway runs along the north-west coast, linking major cities and towns; public transportation is available within city areas.

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