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This page provides information about the Tour of Tasmania itself, including tips for usage of the Tour, obtaining a link from the Tour, making a contribution to the Tour, and the Tour's history.

The Tour of Tasmania's mission
The primary mission of the Tour of Tasmania is to provide information which may be useful to prospective visitors to Tasmania. The Tour's secondary mission is to act as a reference source of information about Tasmanian cities, towns, flora and fauna.

I was looking for information about ... and couldn't find it!
The Tour is not designed to be an exhaustive reference. Please go to the Intro to Tasmania page before reading any further!

Why are some towns are missing from the Tour?
The Tour began small and has been expanded over time. Some towns deserve a page in the Tour, but don't have one yet. The Tour's expansion is ongoing, so stay tuned!

You should have a photo of ...
I'm not a very good photographer. If you have photos or video clips which you think would look good in the Tour, please contact me about it!

Will you link to my Web page?
If your organisation is related to tourism in a specific locality of Tasmania, or if it is mentioned in the Tour of Tasmania, let me know your URL and I will link to your Web page. Those who have sites unrelated to tourism but who would still like their page listed in a directory of Tasmanian Web resources are referred to Tasmania Online.

Can I use parts of the Tour on my own Web page?
Generally, the answer is `not without permission'. In certain cases, you may use images from the Tour of Tasmania on your own pages with an accompanying acknowledgement. See the copyright notice for details, and contact me with questions.

The video/audio quality is unacceptable or the files are too big
The video clips play back at 160x120 resolution, and the audio track is decimated from its original 16 KHz. This admittedly isn't the best possible quality, but it is a deliberate compromise. Better quality video would lead to larger files, which take longer to download on slower connections (e.g. via modem). As technology improves, it may be possible to improve the video clips.

How did the Tour begin?
The original Tour of Tasmania was written as an exercise to demonstrate the usefulness of the Web, while I was working for the Information Technology Services department of the University of Tasmania in 1993. Since then, the Tour has been overhauled several times, both in response to user requests and to keep it in line with current technology. Thanks to Tourism Tasmania for their encouragement of the Tour.

Who are you, anyway?
The creator of the Tour of Tasmania is me, Justin Ridge.

The Tour's awards
The Tour of Tasmania has been mentioned on ABC Radio and in various Tasmanian newspapers. It was one of Yahoo!'s picks of the week in November, 1996. It has received awards from Lycos and Magellan, and has been cited by CNN as a source of information about Tasmania.

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